A minimum net work of $49,000 and the ability to secure financing is required for each unit to be developed. A minimum of 25% of net worth must be cash or liquid assets, as follows: 1-4 units: minimum of $185,000 cash or liquid assets; 5 units or more: 25% of net worth must be in cash or liquid assets.

Some general information regarding a DeFelice Bros Pizza Franchise:

  • $15,000 FRANCHISE FEE PER LOCATION/Discounts for additional units may apply. The initial franchise fee of $15,000 is a charge for the cost of the franchise and is partially refundable only under certain stipulations should the deal not be completed.
  • DeFelice Bros Pizza will supply prospect with a Franchise agreement, and a Franchise offering circular required by the Federal Trade Commission. These documents will disclose the general rules and regulations regarding a DeFelice Bros Pizza Franchise.
  • Royalties are 3.5% of gross sales
  • 2% assessment for advertising

As in most transactions of this nature we will need to have information on you and anyone that would contemplate owning an interest in the franchise with you. A questionnaire must be filled out on each person. By filling out and submitting this questionnaire, you agree that we may rely upon the information provided. You also agree that we may solicit and obtain a credit and criminal report. Upon your request, we will notify you if such a report is obtained, and we will give you the name and address of the agency which furnished the report.

Consequently, your submission of this Questionnaire is for information purposes only and is not an offer to sell a franchise; nor is it an offer to buy a franchise. Furthermore, our acceptance of and any discussion resulting therefrom are in no way a commitment on our part to enter into any agreement to sell a territory or a franchise.

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